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FRIENDS ONLY [25 Oct 2009|07:47pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

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bust a move fuckers [14 Aug 2004|08:19pm]
Alright so last night I went to a show, 2 bands. First band Public Access was awsome and the lead singer was hot to boot. Mary being a shy dumbass didn't say anything. I dunno guys a like I can't talk to, lol Jess thought he was hot 2. Back to the music they did a cover the song. The song was toxic by the brit fake tit chick haha that rymes, it was great we danced like crazy kids ryan walker grey, Jess, Steph,Sav and some other girl I don't remember her name but she was cool and I busted a move tony tryed haha lol good job anywho Tony. God the lead singer was a amzing screamer grrrr I'm a fool I can never talk to guys I like, even if I know them I can't talk to them. I studder and i'm like duhhhhhhh. grrr Anywho durning set changes jess, steph, and ryan, tony, and I and others went outside it was hot as hell in there. So we all goofed around and tryed to teach Tony how to skank, thats hopeless. Ryan was sliding on astro turf and go his ass soked. So of course he came and rubbed up and down my leg so one leg of mine was wet. The funniest part was when Tony and Ryan had a contest to see who could get there belt off first. Well I think Tony won but Ryans pants droped I guess he really dose need a belt. We where out for about 15 min. Went back Razburi Something came on it was crazy dancing and, skanking. So much fun ryan and I like ran at each other and huged and he like bit my ear it was funny as hell. Then we proceeded in screaming yes yes o yes hahah. I had to take a brake I was hot and sweaty. I was a dumbass and forgot my inhaler thank god Kat was there my asthmatic friend that comes prepared THANKS A TON KAT !! I got some ice from the bar and put in down my shirt hah Jess did the same. We danced and danced and danced some more. Sav and I left at 11. Alot of people left then too, The show was over soon anyway. right when I walk out the door I scream something at Ryan i have no idea what and then he starts charging towards me and i'm like crotching to the ground with my arms over my head but he didn't hit me yeah!!!! so we walked to the curb said by to everyone left came home jumped in the shower with my clothes on, I was so hot I didn't care went to bed and passed out. Today Steph, Kendell and Paige came over we all went the movies had a awsome day, I don't remember every thing becasue I'm so wiped out so yeah whatever...... today and last night was amazing <3333
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Going crazy wanna come [12 Aug 2004|11:09pm]
[ mood | whatever ]

I think I have gone insane in my membrane. I dunno I have been so indesisive and sad. God i want to leave myself! Is that possible??. So to bring some joy into my life I looked up some shows, and I want to go to this one.
Thursday, August 26th, 2004
Club Tundra (formerly Lost Horizon)
5863 Thompson Rd, Syracuse, NY
Doors at 6:30 pm
Show is $10 at the door
16+ admitted with proper ID


so if your interested call me. 436-0481
There are some awsome shows coming in september too. so yeah i'll keep you all posted. Summer is almost gone i'm kinda sorta sad but kinda sorta happy because i have the best secdual ever. So long sweet summer................xoxo

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i <3 shoes [10 Aug 2004|09:25pm]
[ mood | calm ]

I got two new pair of shoes today. ya!! for shoes

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Wanted [08 Aug 2004|11:12pm]
[ mood | peachy keen ]

I've been volunteering at this awsome independent theatre called the Open Hand Theatre, god for almost a year. I do workshop with little kids and i user there shows. This place is all about puppets. Anywho what I'm getting at .They have a festival every year and they close down 2 streets i think Ash and part of Salina for this festival of performances and workshops where kids can make puppets and mask. They also have Bruce Covell reading and the Author of Clifford which is cool. Kelso is dressing up as Clifford because yeah she volunteering that day as well but they have tons of other stuff other then what i'm menchaing but I can't remeber it all sorry. So I'm asking everyone that can give some time we need alot of people theres all ready about 110-115 volunteers already but the more the marrier. I'm doing mask making and puppet workshops becasue I'm the master of them hahah after 25 you can say that. The festival is from 11-4 on September 18 it's a Saturday I can give rides and all that goodshit, so tell me if you are interested and i'll call my boss and they'll tell me what can do. Home number 656-8852 or call my cell because I'll mostly likely be out tommrow 436-0481 Thanks kids i <3 you all xoxo

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i hate my nose [07 Aug 2004|04:44pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Yesturday Kelso and I went to the movies, we saw Napoleon Dyanamite it was extermly funny. It's a must go see kinda movie but it's only playing at Carousel. After the movie we walk around the mall for about an hour we got lunch, then went to Best Buy I got a CD so did Kels. MY moms got us around 4 took kelso home, the car ride to kelso was funny as hell. There was nothing great on the radio stations that are preprogramed in my moms car so, I was flipping threw stations, and rap or whatever R&b came on it was i think Usher i'm not quite sure. He was talking about how some chick he fucked got 3 months pregant and, my mom just gose well someones winky worked. Kelso and I died laughing it was right as we pulled up to her house my mom said it. Man o man i love the times that my mom can be funny. came home the rest of the night I just relaxed because my nose was all runny and I started to feel like shit. I took my meds and went to bed. I was up half the night with my fucking nose, I mean to we really need them i don't care how shit smells i want to get rid of the damn thing. So I finally got to sleep woke up around 11 ish to the sound of my dad vacuming my room hes a neat freak so i yelled and screamed, attempted going back to sleep but it was pointless. I felt a little bit better this morning so my dad asked me to mowe the lawn so I did. finished, took a shower called kylee to see if she could come up so i could give her, her stuff from maine. She did, we talked about stuff mostly about Nip Tuck and Law and Order SVU how we both cry in both shows, sad yes I know. she left, I went to wegmans with my dad started feeling shiity again my medication was wearing off from earlier. Got home took more shit watched some movies with my nose running like a race horse, I couldn't hear alot of it beause my ears are pulged and grrrrr I hate this feeling. Well i'm gonna take a nap and all that good shit.

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star wants the pit [05 Aug 2004|05:09pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

she's wants the pit <33

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i've got a lovely bunch of coconuts [03 Aug 2004|08:28pm]
[ mood | hmm im not sure ]

well i am fianlly gettting around to post some maine pictures it's not all of them but if i posted all of them it would take me forever so heres like 20 or something pictures hope you enjoy
the place that takes your pasty whiteness awayCollapse )

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blah blah blah you suck [02 Aug 2004|04:58pm]
[ mood | little but mad just a little ]

yeah i'm not in the maine mood so pictures i will post some other time since there all resized and all that good shit. yesturday was a fine day; woke up went out got bagles and fish for gill, came home started laundry i'm still not done because i ran out of soap. well yeah came home from getting the few things rob was over trying to wake pete thats impossible ask anyone (well that know him of course). bill came over after work talked with him for a bit then dinner came around rob stayed and tim showed up sometime we all ate then the guys had dish duty yeah for me. we all hung out in the kitchen for a bit then left. thats about that today laura came over we looked at maine pictures and watch the stupidest show ever. talked about stuff that went on when i was gone. tonight i don't know what's going on tonight so yeah this is where i part and so goodbye...xox<3

o yeah "laura your maddd cool and shit" hahahah that kid made you blush

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this is my vaction part 1 there will be more because i know i forgot some stuff [31 Jul 2004|08:22pm]
[ mood | forgeting things ]

this is my whole vaction yes this is going to be a long post but worth reading it think i dunno whatever........

ok friday i posted pretty much my whole day so i don't need to talk about that much. so we got on the road at 3am we took my dads new pickup truck it's really nice and all four doors and everything but i can't stand to sit up straight i have to recline when on long car trips, so i wasn't a happy pasanger and cranky because i wanted to sleep. around 8 am or so we did our first stop and my mom as like here we can switch so i got the front seat reclined passed out till 10:30 or so for the second stop in mass at our regular breakfast place. ate came back to the car and i wanted to watch a DVD so i was going to get the lab top and i open the bag and there was my camera that i "didn't" hah know about. they also got a bigger memory card a 256meg or something i can hold up to 200 some odd pictures which is awsome. we finally got there around 11ish but we can't get into our place till 12 because the cottege has to be cleaned. so we just hung out, got in the cabin unpacked went to the beach it was beautiful day. went out to dinner with chelsea's family and mine we went to shaws it's a relly cool place the movie message in a bottle was shot there it was neat know i'm eatting where a movie was made. ok i'm cutting the rest of the week a little bit short, a few days sucked so my mom and chelsea's mom chels and i went shopping in freeport we split up; and chels and i saw some amazingly good looking maine boys. they are so nice up there why can't we have nice guys in syracuse??. the rest of the week was spent on the beach i got burned on my chest and my face like my cheeks and nose but not as bad as my cheast . later on the second week my shoulders got a little crispy i'm going to have skin cancer. but all is well, it turned into a purdy tan i'm not a pasty white girl anymore!!!!! hahahaha. so yeah second week came around pete was on his way up. he got up fine and all then told us the news my dog star ran away and she has never done this before she's 14 years old; i was in a state of panic we had everyone looking for her back home she was at a vet in dewitt thank god so she came home with bill and he looked after her. see we usally send her to this place where they take care of her but my dad was like no she'll be fine with boys. yeah so i was kinda blaming it on him for a little bit but i'm over it. yeah back to maine the weather was not all that great but we had some fun times chels and i; went in to town alot book store and the bead shop where we made really cool braclets the other days were beach days where we played volly ball in the lake and rode the jet ski, kyaked, o yes can't forget the badmitten in the lake as well mrs foran and i played against each other i was a very agressive player ever time i served she's said here gose miss winbleton i served like i was playing tennis it was alot of fun. every good beach day we had appitizers on the beach everyone brought a dish and there where drinks and everything. we went for lobster like 5 times the last night everyone went together which is a tradition, then penny candy where i got $3.50 of gummies all kinds of gummies :) then round top for ice cream. the week was very awsome we came home packed then passed out. we got up at 6 packed the car cleaned then left by 8, we all said our good byes till next year. (because we go with the same group each year). i'm know i'm forgettting stuff i probably will make another post about maine tommorow. all and all maine was amazing.

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home sweet home hahah [31 Jul 2004|05:59pm]
[ mood | crazy go nuts ]

just got home about an hour ago. i had an amazing time in maine i have so much to say but my head is all over the place so i'll update later tonight about my whole trip. pictures will be later i have to upload and resize and all that good shit. I <3333 my new camera

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[ mood | i'm out ]

well i'm leaving at 3am so i have a little more time before i hit the road. packing and running earrings all day =horrible but there was a funny reocurance today went in to pet smart to get gilligan some fish to eat and there where these dudes kinda cute and all. left, ran some other earrings. then go to wegmens to use the coin star machine i got $250 from change from the piggy bank that my dad and i have together; back to my reacurance they kiknda cute dudes at pet smart were right next to me at the service desk where you get your money after all is done with the machine, so yeah it was odd the one guy who was fairly good looking we made eye contact with a little bit of a smile then i left it was just odd to me to see the same person twice in one day at differnt places . i got a digital camera finally i've been asking for one for along time, since my dads physco about his. he has a canon reble with exchangeable lenses it's really nice i <3 useing it.so i'm not suppose to know about it, i saw it before my mom was wrapping it,because the thing i told them so i could get, that i wanted it to be my early birthday present so i could in maine. so there trying to keep it hush hush; i'm not suppose to get it un-till we get there or something. It is a canon A70 they got me a bigger memory card so i can take 150+ pictures i'm so good at looking in bags that are in "hidding places" hahaaha my brothers taught me at a young age how to sneak that about the only good thing i got from them. i'll be able to check mail and shit there from my phone but it may take me a few days to get it so if it's urgent just call 315-436-0481 i'll be back on the 31st of aug <33

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vacation [15 Jul 2004|11:54pm]
[ mood | nerdy ]

ok well i'm leaving for maine i'm so excited to get out of new york!!

if you would like a purdy post card just leave your name and adress and i will find you a purdy one and send it. if a post cards not good enought i'll mail you some sort of little gift type deal just tell me something (no lobsters) there not easy to send and they smell kinda funny after a few days..... so yeah i'm really excited camp fires, smoothies, playing spoons (yeah paige yeah don't choke me for a damn spoon this year). the bun off man o man i'm going to have crazy pictures so just leave me your info and i'll send you somemthing from maine!! <3


join now!!! (now need to fill out app)!<3

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new ?? eh [15 Jul 2004|12:06am]
[ mood | content ]

well been up to nothing amazing latly getting packed for maineextermly awsome !! so hopefully i be able to post pics of it anywho heres something for everyone!!


it's a new rating community i'm in. first 10 get in free after that you have to make a application out; so try it out kids it will be a awsome time and a half! <3

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hp3 X3 [12 Jul 2004|09:54pm]
[ mood | happy kinda shocking...... ]

went to fireworks last night they were awsome they had one o shit when the fire work didn't go up it went out, but no one was harmed and all was well. came home passed out on the sofa. it felt good i haven't been able to sleep sound for a few weeks now i think it's from the heat and my asthma. anywho did some stuff with my dad today like go to wegmens and homedepo. called kylee to chatch up on summer shit, then we came to the thought of going to the movies so set all that shit up. We went and saw harry potter for my 3 time it was amazing. i have seen some pretty awsome movies this summer harry being one of them then Elephant by Gus Van Sant they way that this movie was made and the plot and the choice of actors to characters was simly beautiful. yes it is based on a school shooting, i'm not saying that is a beautiful thing it's horrible but; the movie shows each aspact leading up to the shooting and the motivation,anger and the reasons. it takes you in to every sterotypical "click" and showing differences in people and friendships. just go see it!!! yeah i saw spiderman 2 it was good he finally told her that he was spiderman it was good and all but i'm not remebering everything i want to say about it damn, getting ready for maine, friday i'm gone i'll hopefully be able to post from my dads lab top so you can see some purdy pictures of maine. i'm off my darlings xoxo

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nothing but the sound of settling [11 Jul 2004|03:07am]
[ mood | amused ]

so yeah, my week has been damn fine hanging out with kids sleeping enjoy my summer to the fullest. well there was kinda a bad day matter of fact it was yesturday, see kelso was suppose to come over my dad sad it was cool no harm done my mom buts into the conversation was like no, so i asked for a explanation she says " i'm not here to cater you or your frieds i don't want anyone here" so my dad told me to go somewhere so he talked with my mom. he's amazing dad i son't know what i do with out him, yeah anywho lets just ssay dad and i lost the fight so we went out drove around and all that good shit from about and hour or so. came home checked my e-mail and shit, ahh yes there was a huge thunder and lighting storm going on at this point. that brings me to the rest of my update; i lost power from 5:30 ish till about 12 total pain in my ass. so called up bill and liz picked me up hung out at there place till about 12:45-1 ish liz drove me home bill was passed out on the sofa. i hate mario cart yeah just kinda tought i should add that i awsome and mario golf and super mario, but ask me to race a little fucking car with a joy stick around a track. my little car can't do it, i swear it has nothing to do with the driver the game is just defective. today was nice slept in late today i had no motivation to get out of bed, yeah when i finally woke up did my usual morning rutine then i was about to get in the shower and i i open the shower curtin and there are men on the roof of my nieghbors house (yes i have a window in the bath room and it is right in the shower bath tub type deal my house was made in the 60's they weren't thinking back then) so i couldn't take a shower because they where just there and just not cool i hope they finish the damn thing soon. yeah the rest of my day went out to dinner rented movies i got Elephant it is a HBO movie it's fairly complicated to get everything said about the movie. it was good, emotional well it's about school shootings thats like the main plot to it. just go rent it. i'm off my darlings tommorow is fireworks hopefully i get some pictures to post xoxo

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6:43 am and i haven't been to sleep [09 Jul 2004|06:43am]
[ mood | cranky ]

god i can't keep track of the days i have no idea what today is or the date. well the day before yesturday i saw spider man 2 with bill, pete, rob, and matt it was good this one was about as sad as the first one (i cried in both),lol yeah got home around 11 ish from that i road with bill and matt; pete and rob wanted to race but, no bill was a party pooper and wouldn't so they passed us and kept on truckin along. been working with photoshop some more i have one photo that will load on to photobucket the rest are just being mean and won't load so yeah here it isCollapse )

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don't crush the garden [06 Jul 2004|12:26am]
[ mood | anxious ]

yesturday was insanly amazing i got up around 11:11 ate a fluffanuter sandwhich with kelly got dressed went out to get stuff for the party. people came over, we had kelly and ray,erin, kat, linz and, brian bill and pete or course ryan and janelle sp? tim came later and kelly's cousins stephine emily and megan; o and rob was there as well. i think we got everyone. we ate a shit load of food then we played kick ball i suck well i think it was because of the ball it was huge! it wasn't a normal size ball. yeah i got to 3rd base then i got hit in the leg and i was out :( then we went in side and played some poker i did pretty well i won a big pot.... then rob one and kat did as well. then we went back outside and played hours of dodgeball i did ok well not being hit i was the last one a few rounds but when it came to throwing the ball i sucked. i got a few good hits to my head and my arm. thank you ryan for the small concusion we plated till about 9:00ish drove the cousins home came back and had a fire and sparkalars thy took forever to light they where from canada lol.the people with the house in back of mine had fire works they where all right the ones we could see. had a kat smore it was amazing thanks alot kat if i forgot to say that. came in side had some food then played cranium i did pretty well in that game except for when you have to draw with your eyes closed. i have a tad bit of a problem drawing boxing glove haahha. went to bed kelly and i talked for a bit, i was sad she was leaving and ray. woke up around 5 to see them off then i went back to bed woke around 12 erin kat and rob and ryan came to wake up pete around 1 or something pete made waffles for everyone they were good but i wasn't extermly hungery. then i went with my dad and got movies. pete called from staples saying that the bought a new desk and to come and pick him up did that came home and from that point on i have been sitting with erin and kat giving pete and rob mornal support with putting this desk together, then we all went out to dinner which was awsome and now i am done lol xoxo

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did i make the grade? [04 Jul 2004|04:05pm]
[ mood | content ]

been pretty busy latly which is nice, kelly and ray leave monday they might go tuesday but there not sure. this week has just been crazy fun; finally got half of my cd list done!!! whoot whoot having a family deal tommorow with friends as well. baby sat tonight it was easy $20 like 2 hours all she wanted to do is watch was the disney channel and eat mac and cheese hey i'm cool with that. Well we did do some coloring as well, we colored in my little mermaid coloring book my half you can see the lines her's well there hidden lol. o yeah i got my report card (overall grades)
Theatre: 88
English: 84
Global 2: 66
Geometry: 65
Keyboarding: 75
Gym: P

my overall grade is 76.076 and i have 6.500 credits eh not bad not great. other then that my weeks

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he shot me down bang bang [02 Jul 2004|11:19pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

well this week has been well to many words horrible,fun,new.. just a few for yeah. well my cousin and her boyfriend are in town. we have had so much fun from getting "gas" to buying shirts to getting lost. it has ust been amazing, that was the awsome part of the week; the other stuff is just un-imporant. tommorow i am dabating on still having the fire thing at my house becasue kelly,ray,pete,bill and whom ever else might something so i dunno. all i'm saying is i hope they don't want to bowl i'm horrible at it. saturday i babysit for a family friend. sunday party at my house for the four of july. monday kelly and ray leave to go meet my uncle in hmmm i forgot but there staying there a week kelly said i should come with. i'm thinking i should it would be fun.other then that nothing new has been all that imporant to me so, i'm off to go my darlings xoxo <3

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